dB Noise Reduction Announces Changes to Company Management Structure.

Posted on June 28, 2016 by Natalie Adams

John Praskey, President and founder of dB Noise Reduction®, together with the company directors, are pleased to announce the following changes:

The appointment of Mehrzad Salkhordeh as CEO, dB Noise Reduction®.
The appointment of Richard Anthony as President, dB Noise Reduction®.

The rapid expansion of our business in Canada, USA and Mexico, and our affiliate ARCACOUSTICS, has enabled the changes to take place, effective July 1, 2016.

These appointments allow John Praskey to continue in his lead role in sales, engineering and product development while allocating more of the daily administrative and business functions to both Mehrzad and Richard.

These important changes, along with additional sales, project management and production teams are necessary to ensure that our expansion and growth is well managed to maintain high levels of customer service and quality.

Tim Letkemann, Vice President of Sales, has decided to leave the company and pursue other opportunities. We thank him for his years of service and wish him well in his new endeavors. John and the sales team welcome all customers to contact them either directly - via email or phone - or through the sales coordinator ( for information, pricing and assistance.

Established in 2002, dB Noise Reduction® is a designer and manufacturer of silencers, noise control equipment and accessories for the commercial, industrial, environmental, oil and gas and power generation markets. Our facilities in Canada, USA and Mexico are ISO 9001:2008 certified. Please check our website at

ARCACOUSTICS, an affiliate of dB Noise Reduction®, represents a full line of acoustical products throughout Canada and select USA markets. The application of these products cover soundproof windows and doors, architectural separation of floors, walls and ceiling, acoustic wall and ceiling panels, acoustic coatings, vibration isolation of equipment, pipe and duct lagging, home/pro theater/recording studio acoustics and much more. To learn more, visit us at

We thank our customers, representatives and partners around the globe for their business, support and friendship. Our commitment is to continually increase our level of service, keep your trust and help you succeed every time.

We have many more exciting announcements to make in the coming weeks and months

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