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Nois-eNvelope™, a line of Architectural Environmental Noise Barrier Systems(AENBS), and Noise Control Enclosure Systems(NCES) was introduced to dB Noise Reduction's product line in early 2015. These light-weight engineered modular metal sound panel systems are designed with integral structural supporting steel for easy installation while offering exceptional aesthetics and high performance acoustics.

As the responsible designer and manufacturer, db Noise Reduction (dBNR) warranted that their designs performed and the quality of the products guaranteed a long and productive lifecycle for the customer. dBNR has a rigid Quality Assurance program and maintains ISO standards in our facilities.

dBNR has grown to have multiple sales and manufacturing centers in three countries, along with a growing network of worldwide sales and distribution points. Our commitment to responsive sales, intelligent engineering processes and courteous customer service all form the standard of excellence at dBNR.

dBNR's product offering continues to grow, and along with silencers, mufflers, tuned-reactive and vent silencers, accompanying rain and weather hoods and accessories such as filter boxes and houses, flex connectors and acoustical flex connectors.

Nois-eNvelope™ offers a line of architectural environmental sound barrier systems and noise control enclosures systems for both indoor and outdoor applications. Our proprietary single-span acoustic panels UP TO 24'-0' long allow for exceptional aesthetics while achieving high performance acoustics. In addition to our architectural and environmental sound barrier walls, acoustic panels and acoustic enclosures, we are continuing to add many other specialized noise control and acoustical products. Be sure to check with us often for news and product releases.

dB Noise Rduction is ISO 9001:2015 Certified

dBNR strives for engineering excellence in applying the most economic methods, materials and designs that are safe, environmentally consious, cost effective and operationally efficient, so that the initial capital and construction costs realize maximum value for the minimum overall investment.

Richard Anthony | Director

Servicing clients in the US, Canada, Mexico, and many international locations worldwide.

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