Architectural Environmental Sound Barrier Systems

dBNR Noise-eNvelope™ Architectural Environmental Sound Barrier Systems are light-weight engineered modular metal acoustic panel systems designed with integral structural supporting steel for easy installation, exceptional aesthetics and high performance acoustics. dBNR Nois-eNvelope's group of experts in noise control solutions provide acoustic panels systems designed to absorb sound energy and block noise transmission between the noise source and the receiver.

These panel systems are designed to help attenuate the amount of noise exposure affecting the environment surrounding the noise source which is essential for the health and safety of the surrounding beings. Continuous exposure to loud levels of noise can be extremely detrimental to health and quality of living as it can lead to stress-related illnesses and hearing damage, which is unrecoverable. To help reduce the amount of noise exposure and meet noise requirements, dBNR Nois-eNvelope provides acoustic architectural environmental panels that not only offer excellent acoustic blocking but also offer a aesthetically appealing look.

Nois-eNvelope™ Sound Absorbing Panels Feature:

  • Sound barrier system blocks or surrounds the noise source with a visually appealing architectural look.
  • Acoustic panel thicknesses available include 2", 4", 6",8" depending on noise reduction requirements.
  • Constructed from high performance acoustic materials for maximum noise attenuation.
  • Weather proof designs and corrosion resistant construction.
  • Designed to be maintenance free for the life of the project.
  • On-site indoor and outdoor installation of architectural environmental sound barrier systems.
  • Designed for installation at grade or on rooftops.
  • Sound absorbing panel components can be configured vertically or horizontally.
24 foot panels

The Nois-eNvelope™ Advantage

    dBNR Nois-eNvelope offers acoustical panel systems that span up to a maximum panel length of 24ft., 2 - 3 times the length of most competitors' acoustic panels. The use of longer sound absorbing panels offers a number of advantages:

  • Field installation time and labour savings.
  • Reduction in the number of structural steel supports and fastening screws needed for installation.
  • Further refines appearance and quality allowing for an architecturally appealing look.

Noise Barrier Wall Systems are needed to:

  • Protect poeple and the environment from the harmful effects of noise.
  • Reduce stress and disruption caused by noise in residential, buisness, institutional, recreational, and wildlife areas.
  • Shield mechanical equipment from view and sound.
  • Shield processes from view and sound.
  • Provide a visual screen and acoustical privacy.
  • Be in compliance with OSHA requirements and/or local noise ordinances.

Sound Barrier System Applications

  • Businesses with loading docs adjacent to residential areas
  • Generator, process and equipment yards
  • Railways and spurs adjacent to residential areas
  • Highway barriers
  • Environmentally sensitive areas
  • Property barriers
  • Blast protection
  • Modular structures

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