Architectural Environmental Sound Barrier Systems and Enclosure Systems

dBNR Nois-eNvelope™ offers two similar but distinctly different approaches to noise reduction: Architectural Environmental Sound Barrier Systems and Noise Control Enclosure Systems. These are both made of light-weight engineered modular metal acoustic panels designed with integral structural supporting steel for easy installation, exceptional aesthetics and high performance acoustics. Nois-eNvelope™ architectural environmental metal sound absorbing panels can be used to create a sound barrier system or assembled to create a noise enclosure to partially or completely enclose the noise source.

Architectural Appearance; but Engineered for Noise Reduction

In order to realize exceptional savings on field installation time and labour, reduce the number of structural steel supports, and further refine the appearance and quality, dBNR Nois-eNvelope sound barrier and sound isolation systems have optimized their maximum sound panels length to 24ft. (7.32m) span . Our acoustic architectural and environmental panels are 2 - 3 times the length of most competitors' sound absorbing panels allowing us to provide the most cost effective and aesthetically appealing product that meets acoustic requirements.

24 foot panels

Acoustical Performance

dBNR Nois- eNvelope systems are designed by experts in noise reduction applications and acoustics. We guarrantee the performance of our systems and work with owners, contractors and independent acoustical consultants to ensure compliance with codes, ordinances and regulatory conditions.
Our products are tested at independent third party laboratories in strict accordance with required industry test standards, to ensure the highest standards for performance and integrity.
Our sound barrier and noise control enclosure systems provide superior noise reduction with industry-leading results for both the Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) and Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratings.
 Partial Noise Enclosure

Longevity and Maintenance

dBNR Nois-eNvelope architectural environmental panel systems have superior aesthetic appeal - with superb quality fit, finish and architectural appearance that make the acoustic panel systems look as great as they perform indoors or outdoors.
Our sound barrier systems are designed to be maintenance free for the life of the project. Other than doors, there are no moving parts and virtually nothing to replace. The acoustic sound panels offer exceptional cleanability as there are no crevises, reveals or recesses for dirt to accumulate.
The construction materials also add to the longevity of the systems making them waterproof and corrosion resistant ideal for outdoor applications.

Sales, Engineering and Customer Service

dBNR Nois-eNvelope acoustic barrier and noise control enclosure systems are backed by knowledgeable salespeople to assist you with detailed estimates representing the best value solution for your project. Complete AutoCAD submittals and installation drawings accompany all shipments, and dedicated project managers and customer service staff ensure on-time and secure delivery.

acoustic sound absorbing panels

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